Unibus iPhone Application

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No waiting - download the Unibus app and find out when your next 44 or ub.1 bus is due.

For people wanting to make life easier for themselves aound the University of York, this app locates your position using GPS on your iPhone. It tells you when your next bus will be and the walking distance to the nearest bus stop.

Download and Install.

The Unibus App is totally free.

Screen-shots & How to Use the Application

Unibus App. Screens 1 and 2

Loading Screen

The Unibus App is loading. It will want to get your current location and connect to the internet. If it asks you, let it.


Menu Screen

This page shows you the 6 options available to you, information for the 44 and ub.1, ticket prices, twitter feed and Unibus information and contact details.

Unibus App. Screens 3, 4, 5 and 6

Your Nearest Stops

After selecting the 44 or ub.1 route the app will show you the four stops nearest to you. It also shows the times of the next buses from your nearest stop.


Alternative Stops

You can select any of the stops on the list and see the next few buses that will depart from that particular stop.


Earlier & Later Times

You can choose to see buses later in the day by selecting the down arrow next to the list of departure times.


Switch Direction

You can choose which direction you want to travel in - either Leeds or Ripon - by selecting the 'direction' button .

Unibus App. Screens 7, 8 and 9


You can view where you are and see where the bus stop is that you have selected by selecting the 'view map' button . The heading tells you approximately how many minutes walk that bus stop is from you and the direction of travel.


Map with Times

You can choose to see the next several buses for your selected stop on this page by selecting the 'next bus' button .
Again, you can choose to see buses later in the day or change direction.


Zoom to See the Whole Route

You can pinch zoom in and out of the map and see the whole route if you want.

Unibus App. Screens 10, 11, 12 and 13

Sample Fares

This page shows various fares on the 44 route so you know how much your journey will cost depending on where you are going. It shows the prices of day and period tickets as well.


Contact Us

Contact information for Unibus representatives can be found here.



Our Twitter feed is accessible form this page.


About unibus

This page shows general information about Unibus.

Support & Feedback

We hope to roll out similar apps for our other services so it would be great to know what you think. You can email us directly with your thoughts and suggestions to hello@transdevblazefield.co.uk

If you are having problems using the application or you have discovered any bugs please let us know at hello@transdevblazefield.co.uk

Terms of Use.

The Unibus App is provided as-is. Although every effort is made to ensure our information is correct, Transdev do not guarantee the accuracy or availability of the times, stops, fares or route data provided in the application.

The Unibus application requires internet access to work, either through WiFi or your device's 3G/GPRS data-connection. Depending on the type of connection and your phone tariff the data transfer in this application may incur costs (See your network provider for details of these charges.) The application itself will refresh timetable data every few minutes. Whilst the amount of data downloaded is very small we recommend that you close the application once finished - especially if you don't have a generous or unlimited data-plan.

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